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Nebula Cluster

Is organization joining together highest level professionals from different industries - movie, television, interactive, online and classical medias in Lithuania. Cluster's main goal is participants stimulation for cross sector collaboration in creation of innovative products, education and common marketing activities in the international market. The office of Nebula Cluster is based in Vilnius Art Incubator, the main cross-media creative hubs in Lithuania.


  • Nebulos klasterio tarptautinio konkurencingumo didinimas

    Asociacija “Nebulos klasteris” šiuo metu vykdo projektą “Susikertančių medijų klasterio mokslinių tyrimų, ekspermentinės veiklos ir inovacijų plėtra siekiant didinti klasterio tarptautinį konkurencingumą”. Projekto tikslas – did...

  • Cross Motion

    Nebula Cluster is part of the Baltic Sea Region initiative Cross Motion to create new possibilities for the cross-sector innovations in the audio-visual industry. Cross Motion is a EU-funded project (2016-2019) whose objective is to facilitate cooper...



STRICTLY PRODUCTION is a global production network with sister production houses throughout in Scandinavia, Dubai, South Africa and Croatia. All production houses work in collaboration to ensure the best full-service production value that each production house covers. Hence giving varied and quality-ensured production alternatives on a multiregional scale. STRICTLY BALTIC is a company providing commercial and music video production services in Lithuania and Baltic Region. Established in 2009 by a team of film professionals and based in the capital city of Vilnius the company provides services for clients from around the world.

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Gluk Media is a leader in developing interactive media and augmented reality solutions, which blurs the line between the virtual and the real world by integrating innovations into a everyday life. Believing that creativity doesn’t have any borders and anything envisioned is possible, Gluk Media creates new ways for people to interact, perform and be entertained in every facet of life. At Gluk Media, we’re changing the way people look at the world. We find that incredibly exciting. Innovation is part of our DNA and our people love to create magic and sparks. We’re team oriented: each and every employee shares the vision and a stake in our success.

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Rupert is a centre for Art and Education devoted to establishing close cooperation between artists, thinkers, researchers, and other cultural actors through interdisciplinary programs and residencies. A knowledge-based platform for innovative creative production, Rupert integrates with the social and cultural framework of the city of Vilnius while simultaneously supporting a strong international focus. Rupert’s mission manifests in three distinct but closely-linked channels: educational program, residencies program and exhibition program. Rupert focuses on contemporary artistic and curatorial practices but remains close to an extensive range of disciplines, while encouraging trans-disciplinarity.

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With a strong focus on high-end quality, OKTA is the leading creator of 3D animation and visual effects for the film, animation, game and advertising industries in the region. OKTA was founded by Lithuanian CG industry pioneers, who after working as a team for 6 years, finally decided to establish their own company and now can proudly showcase sophisticated world-class digital works, which have been showered with numerous awards and expert assessments.

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Pixelete is a creative design studio that makes internationally recognized branding products. Highly experienced, young and self-driven team puts its efforts towards creating unforgettable and ambitious visual stories for its clients and offers wide range of branding material such as logos, market entry strategies, mobile apps and promo videos. Pixelete has found its own spot on the market by providing highest class service where quality meets clients’ expectations and simplicity is applied in everyday project executions. Company has recently worked with: Audi, IKEA, TEDxVilnius, Small Planet and Qatar Airlines.

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Llamas Valey

First monthly digital magazine in Lithuania. Available online and on the iPad. Main topics: interior design, fashion, food, travel. Llamas Valley was awarded as a highly recommended women’s lifestyle magazine at the Digital Magazine Awards in 2013 and 2014

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PetPunk is a multidisciplinary creative studio established by Lithuania`s award wining artists collaboration. Our primary areas of interest lie in animation and tactile crafts. Our creative goal is to produce authentic work that is visually and aesthetically challenging, yet peculiarly subtle. We tend to experiment, play and explore amongst conventional subjects.

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Pepi Play is an independent studio that creates applications for 2-6 years children, their team consists of professionals with experience in the new media field: online flash games, digital products, internet projects and advertising. Pepi Play already released four successful apps: Pepi Bath, Pepi Tree, Pepi Doctor and Pepi Ride. Our apps have 6 million downloads in 2012-2013. Best selling App Pepi Bath was downloaded over 3 million times on the App Store. It was among Top 10 paid educational apps in the U.S, Nr. 1 in Sweden,  Russia, Italy, Spain and many more.

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The company was established in order to connect  creative capacities, innovation and business together. The main objective of the company is to provide  favorable conditions for the creation, production and distribution  of creative industries products. Uraga works in two directions: creative – production of audiovisual works (3D animation, film, VFX); and IT – establishment of a renderfarm (rendering service and rent of PC resources for other video processing)

Iron Digital

Iron Solutions LLC is a startup that evolved from the Japanese game publishing and development company Tecmo Koei. The 2D services provided by Iron Digital include concept art for games, films, advertising, infographics, web and print. The same spectrum of applications could be presented for 3D art, art for games being the major field of company’s activities. Having gained experience in art for games Iron Digital helps its’ clients with all the issues that need to be visualized – from the game concept art to fully prepared 3D models and game settings.

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Outlanders studios

Outlander Studios is an international team of developers working on a 3D real-time strategy game called Battle Towers for Android and iOS mobile devices. Our current project will set a base line of quality for our future works. Our goal is to develop games of the highest calibre that players will enjoy, and that we can take pride in.

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Beautiful Land of Nevermind

Baltic Sea and Nordic Countries Animation and Video Games Festival which promotes the best practise, knowledge and experience exchange among animation and video games professionals and provides industry related training led by top level industry professionals. They also work together with the national film centres, film funds and other related institutions in the Region encouraging them to conclude bilateral agreements to facilitate international co-productions.

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Nordic Production

Nordic Productions is a company providing film, tv, commercial and music video production services in Lithuania and around Europe. Established in 2009 by a team of film proffesionals and based in the capital city of Vilnius the company provides services  for clients from around the world.

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Arclight is a team of true professionals having a wealth of experience providing services for film, TV, advertising and commercials productions. It is always our goal to ensure that each of the clients are not only satisfied with the service we provided, but that they are excited about working with us in future projects.

They have a large lighting and grip equipment fleet , consisting of the world-known brands, that enables providing top services for multiple projects at the same time.

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Is a boutique audio post production and new media facility dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective audio services for game and motion picture clients with a flexible and fast turnaround on every project. Their team consists of experts in audio restoration, video digitisation, transcoding and digital cinema mastering.

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CG Event Europe

Biggest Eastern European CG conference for movie and gaming industries is going to move to Vilnius. The Meeting Point for all those who are involved professionally into computer graphics business processes or are merely interested in digital art. CG EVENT was born and is held every year to unite all CG professionals and enthusiasts of computer graphics. Two-day event attracts thousands of people and ir known for it’s tough schedule and hundred of biggest CG-names on the stage.

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